Thursday, July 30, 2009

One daschund trait that infinitely amuses me is their love of sunny spots. You could easily tell time off of Viggo's migration patterns as he moves around the house to which ever direction it is strongest in. I can't help but think of hotdog associations when I see him passed out like this. He really does look like he is cooking on a spit. But of course, while he loves to be sun drenched, he doesn't like extreme heat. Yesterday was 107 here in Portland-insane. The asphalt gets hot, which makes it hard for his paws. He basically wants to be carried around and fed ice chips (I will admit to indulging him in this.) He also wants to check-in to hotels that have the AC set to 65, which we obliged. He is a luxury pup afterall.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Viggo is working full-time.

Before Viggo even came to live with us, we have been buying him things. Admittedly he has a lot of stuff for an 11-month old. But of course we felt that every piece of pup paraphernalia serves a purpose: a chewy saves our shoes, a venison treat persuades him to "stay", and of course a fluffy blanket makes him cosy. We have a basket in our living room in an attempt to store his toys away when friends come over (especially friends with actual kids that would have actual reason to laugh at us.) 

Viggo loves to go in to Peter's office during the day when he is working. He enters early in the morning with 1 item from his chest and approaches Peter. He is trying to entice Peter away from his own work to engage in a game of chase, with the toy as the bait. Peter of course would love to spend hours throwing squeaking ferrets across the room but of course he is busy. So slowly but surely, Viggo will bring another toy in his office. And then another. By the end of the workday we will find 6 or 7 toys sitting on the office floor (yes, I told you we spoiled him.) We like to think that he recognizes the office is a place of work and for Viggo, toys and the chasing and chewing they require are his day's work.  So you could say he has too many toys but we like to see it as too much work.

Viggo is always underfoot. If you move around, he thinks that where you go is the best place on Earth and he should come too. 

Tall Non-Fat Pupachino Please

Viggo starting his day. A new chewy kept him up late and you can see the toll it took in his eyes. He rolled into work a little later than usual on this morning.

Teenage Dogland

Post originally written: April 29,2009

Viggo is almost 8-months old. A dog trainer we know refers to this as, "the teen years." This is my first experience with dog parenthood so I had no idea they were capable of such developmental complexity. 

But sure enough, Viggo has gone from teething to stealing the car in a very short window. All kidding aside, he does exhibit classic teen behaviors:

* He choses whether to listen when we give him a command. And he generally choses not to.
* He is more inwardly directed (see attached photo: spends much more of his time off contemplating issues pertaining only to him and refuses to discuss these issues.)
* He gets so upset when we bring him home from his best mates house, (Rocky and Sammy) that he sulks for a day and goes on a puppy-food strike (at which time he demands more lamb treats and gets them. I admit to this.)
* Not kidding about the driving. He sits on Peter's lap in the car and puts his paws on the steering wheel. He also licks the wheel but hey, I wasn't sure how to drive either when I first started.
* He destroyed his bed like a rock star.
* He talks back a lot more. (Seriously, the barking is embarrassing when we are in public.)
* We worry he has an eating-disorder. 
*  He looks in the mirror a lot more. Of course he does this because he thinks another pup lives inside the mirror, but still its more than usual.
*  He is highly secretive. Especially with my socks. I can never find them. 
*  He has perfected a 'look' that makes him appear perpetually disappointed in you.

Our trainer tells us this teen phase lasts about 3 months. We just hope he doesn't get a female pup pregnant in the meantime. Neutering is on our to-due list but Viggo keeps eating that list.