Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Art of Seduction

Some people complain that they just can't seem to get what they want out of life. To these people, I suggest changing tactics. For example, my 11-pound dog really likes steak. But begging for steak gets him nowhere. Last night he tried out the move above. The result? Steak with a side of potato. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

There is no make believe in his world

Dogs are nothing if not literal. When a dog barks in a movie, that made-for-tv- dog is as good as in the room. When Peter calls on the phone from out of town, he is standing in the living room Star Trek style as far as Veegs is concerned. I, of course, feel sorry for all the stress this confusion of reality causes Viggo. (Except for when the fire alarm goes off when I cook and Viggo alerts us to the danger. That is just smart.)

I also feel sorry when I meet a person who is severely literal. They are always painful at conversation and usually inadequate at dressing themselves but I will stop here.

The point is, dogs aren't jaded. What they see is what they see and hearing the same way. They don't question every little thing, over-analyze, or even walk away from their emotions because they are scary and they would rather not confront this today. 

Its no wonder you don't see dogs in self-help groups. They may create unnecessary angst for themselves but the fact is they know how to really cope. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pooch Protest

We did the unthinkable. We left Viggo for a week at his best pup mates house and then had the nerve to bring him home last night. Today he has refused all food and water. He has isolated himself by taking long naps. I'm not entirely convinced he isn't planning a revolution that will most likely involve socks, pup gas, and a tennis ball. I will be watching...  
-reporting live, Day One of Viva la Viggo.