Friday, December 18, 2009

Dinner is a Dish Best Served Rare

People choose to embrace some things and reject others. This doesn't necessarily make them precious but it does make them interesting. The only way to achieve interesting is to be interested (in anything, doesn't matter what.) Viggo takes an active interest in us and the things we allow him to eat. Good interests.

Of course, Viggo eats the same food everyday. I don't feel sorry for him in regards to this fact; knowing how expensive each bag is, he is hardly eating gruel. And of course he doesn't know that he is eating the same food everyday (an ignorance I envy frankly). We put on such a pep rally when the food bowl comes out he probably thinks he's getting kobe beef in a solid gold bowl. 

So begins his eating ritual.

He prefers to eat on the run. Literally. Eating and chasing are a mash-up for Veegs- when he works up speed he stops for a bite. Its how I imagine cops run their business. When stopped, the requiste table manners do not apply. Mouths are open, chewing is loud and paws are most definitely in the bowl. But the curious part of the routine is the attention Veegs gives to each morsel. Yes, they are all the same shape, same size and presumably same smell but Viggo self-selects his bites. Some are gobbled up, others are put in the mouth to be spit out in a location far away from the bowl. Occassionaly he goes back to those bites that appear to be banished in time-out, but usually not. He stops when he's tired or full from the play or the food. It could be either or neither. But it's okay we don't know exactly. Its the not knowing that keeps him so very interesting. 

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